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About Us

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'Sportsphere India' is in the business of making memories by the sea & changing lives.

We focus on taking mixed groups from different backgrounds to different parts of the unexplored sub continent & beyond - to take part in a range of recreational Ocean sport activities - from Scuba diving, Surfing, Sailing, Rafting, Kayaking to Stand Up Paddling, Spear Fishing & Freediving . We also work with Globally certified freelancers operating in isolated coastal regions both domestically & overseas - with community welfare & empowerment as a major objective. Our itinerary is never written in stone and our trips are definitely not for everyone - though everyone is welcome. 

Aside from Sportsphere events by the sea, 2019 should see us introduce our e-commerce store - through which you guys will have access to fabulous Sportsphere merchandise. We travel regularly as a family in small numbers and do not usually accomodate more than 14. 

'Pura Vida' translates to Pure Life - something we strive to live by. 


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