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Vintage Rides

Vintage Rides
Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides Vintage Rides
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Established over 6 years ago in Delhi, Vintage Rides boasts of a fleet of over 30 Royal Enfield 500 cc motorbikes. The folks forming this close knit team are professional mechanics, avid travelers, tour leaders, travel advisors & motorcycle enthusiasts who are exclusively trained in organizing motorcycle trips not just in the Indian Sub Continent but also in Nepal, Bhutan & Mongolia. Founders, Alexander Le Beuanand & Alexander Zurcher , met in the Indian Capital in 2007 when they decided to launch this exclusive community - for those Niche Indians & Expats looking for motorcycle experiences like no other. Their company is not surprisingly the present leader in bike Tours in Europe. If you're a first timer and still keen to hop on the iconic Enfield, 'Vintage Rides' offers you well recommended Bike Training Courses charging you by the hour. Looking for better insight into the mechanics of your bike & honing your bike maintenance skills ? Vintage Rides sorts that bit out for you as well with their 'Mechanical Training Course' - where you will learn: a) To Change Bike tyres, Oil Change b) To Change Brake pads & cables c) Troubleshooting procedures d) Basic repairs with regard to battery water checks, chain & sprocket, coolant, cables, brakes etc Long story short - By the end of the course you'll be able to service your own motorbike. Quick Tipper: If you fancy having a state of the art GPS Navigation system attached to your handlebars while you explore our beautiful country then do opt for the ''Freedom Ride'' GPS option. You'll be on your way in no time. Have a good one & keep us posted on how your trip was.

Offerings: Royal Enfield Tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan & Mongolia, Garage Services, Motorbike Training, Mechanical Training, Custom Restoration, Bike Training Courses (BTC)

Contact C-66, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi 110020

Ph: +91 11 41007806



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