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Children's Riding Club

Children's Riding Club
Children's Riding Club Children's Riding Club Children's Riding Club Children's Riding Club Children's Riding Club Children's Riding Club Children's Riding Club
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The Children's Riding Club was conceptualized in the early 60's  by a group of distinguished American women lead by Mrs O'Connor - who initially conceived the idea of starting a pony club for her very own children.  Prime Minister Pandit Nehru, known for his love for children, provided the space required  and the ponies were in turn provided by the Indian Army at the time. Mrs O'Connor soon started inviting Indian parents to send their children to learn horse  riding skills and the Club wheels have been in motion ever since.  The management duties fell in the hands of a very capable Aditya Krishna, soon after Mrs O' Connor left the Indian sub continent.  He was  recognized as India's only civilian probable for Show Jumping in the 1982 Asian Games - quite a feat that!  The baton was then passed onto his sister, Anuradha Krishna, a former junior dressage champion - who currently performs the duties of administrator, Instructor & Public Relations Professional.  

As the name suggests, the club was primarily set up to teach children the skills of Horse Riding but today the Club caters to the training needs of adults as well.  For those interested, a non refundable Membership fee of INR 7500 will be charged for starters.

Monthly Riding Fee (twice a week)  -  INR 5000 for children

Monthly Riding Fee (Once a week)  -  INR 3000 for children

Monthly Riding Fee                           -  INR 6000 for adults

Deposit (at the time of joining)         -  INR One Month's Riding Fee

Retaining Fee Per Month                   -  INR 50% of Monthly Fee

Casual or Guest Ride                         -  INR 1000

Private Lessons                                  -  INR 2000   (Rates as on 30/01/2014)

Offerings: Horse Riding Lessons for Adults & Children , Tack Shop selling Riding Gear 

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The Children's Riding Club

Behind Safdarjung's Tomb, Race Course Road

New Delhi - 110003


Contact:  Mrs Anuradha Krishna (Manager/ Owner)                    +91 98100 07282

                 Mr Shaukat Ali (Supervisor)                                              +91  98680 63978

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