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Flying Fox

Flying Fox
Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox
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Flying Fox is India's first and only Zipline Adventure Tour company currently located in Kikar, Bhopal, Neemrana, Jodhpur & Rishikesh.

For those inquisitive enough - a Zipline tour is an exhilarating aerial journey between  hill forts and ridge tops, during which you fly down a series of ultra-strong cables or zip lines, attached by a harness and pulley.

Trained instructors accompany you every step of the way to ensure safety standards are maintained throughout your journey. Participants are usually between 10 - 72 years of age and weigh under 115kg's. Each tour lasts from 2 to 2.5 hrs which includes the initial 20 minute hike up the hill, a 20 minute safety briefing & quick rest stops along the way if any.

Each session has 12 slots available but a group of more than 12 can be accommodated on prior notice.  The cost of such a Tour would set you back INR 2000 (adults) and INR 1700 (youngsters/ students).

For more relevant details on Safety Standards, cancellations,  refunds, entrance fees if any, advance booking, group discounts etc do give the folks at flying fox a ring and rest will be taken care of.

Offerings: Zip Line Tours in Bhopal, Punjab, Neemrana & Jodhpur 

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86/1, Shahpur Jat

New Delhi - 110 049 (Registered - Walk In Address)

Ph: +91 98109 99390

 01494 297100 (Neemrana)  0800 391 5989 (Jodhpur)



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