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Krav Maga_ Badazz Combat Academy

Krav Maga_ Badazz Combat Academy
Brand: IKMF Combat Academy
Product Code: Badazz Combat Academy
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For those unfamiliar with the term Krav Maga, it refers to an Israeli method of Self Defense. In light of actual modern combat styles, Krav Maga has now evolved to prepare trainees for combat situations using striking, grappling & wrestling techniques - with focus still being on the all important aspects of Self Defense and Counter Attack. Krav Maga was originally introduced by Imrich Sde Or (Imi) who was once part of the Israeli military. He created the Israeli Krav Maga Association in 1978 where he trained teams of Instructors - accredited by him and the Israeli Ministry of Education. IKMF India have centres all across the country and conduct tailormade courses for their different Clientele . Vicky Kapoor - is the Chief Instructor & is at the helm of affairs at Krav Maga India.

Offerings Krav Maga, Special Tactics on Weapons, Women Self Defense, VIP Protection, Children's Self Defense Instruction, Corporate Programmes, Indian Stick Fighting & Kick Boxing

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